73 Awesome Band Names That Are Up For Grabs

Naming your new band or solo music venture is not a task to take lightly.

The ideal band name needs to meet several criteria. It needs to be original, memorable, concise, align with your image and on top of all that sound unlike every other band and stage name in existence so as not to be confused. And if you’re not sure what your musical niche is, bonus points if it doesn’t allude to a specific genre and allows you to grow into it.

First and foremost, however, it needs to be completely original: a feat not easily accomplished without straying into abstract territory in the year 2016 when anybody can stake their claim on a name by purchasing a domain, locking down a Facebook URL, Twitter, Soundcloud, etc. Every band or artist with a digital presence from your twelve-year-old nephew’s abandoned Ska venture to Deadmau5 is cataloged on the internet.

Luckily, reported data alchemist Glenn McDonald developed this handy band name checker based off the Echo Nest data platform, which scours over ten million web pages per day indexing artists. If you’re like I was last year, spending a little time with this web app will likely reveal how unoriginal the majority your name ideas are and plunge you into despair.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.50.58 PM

Before settling on Kytoon, I toyed with a lot of different banners to peg on my latest artistic undertaking. Here’s a small excerpt of names, many of which I actually considered using, drawn from my vast list of documented name-ideas. Some of them get pretty punk rock.

  1. Picking Up Videotapes
  2. Attorney of Love
  3. Saturn’s Venus
  4. Tax Evasion (edgy right?)
  5. Trouble For the Establishment
  6. Zebra Insurance
  7. Gillette Fusion (okay, definitely some trademark issues there. But doesn’t it sound nice?)
  8. Abandoned Malls

    Can’t deny the bittersweet undertones.
  9. Lateral Move
  10. It Wasn’t Meant to End Like This
  11. Churro
  12. Naked Foam Party
  13. Pant-Purchasing Venue (a place to buy pants)
  14. Biff and the Ghost Man
  15. Metallica 2 (probably not okay but if you’re willing to roll the dice people will talk about it)
  16. Muff Patrol
  17. The Dan Aykroyd Experience (can piggyback off buzz about Dan Aykroyd)
  18. Melon Farmer
  19. Secretly Pretentious
  20. The Fly of Despair
  21. Tolerable
  22. Somewhat Decent
  23. Things I’d Rather Not Say
  24. Colonoscopy Accident
  25. Ragtime Delta
  26. %*@! That Guy and his Cardigan (I actually don’t mind cardigans, but it feels good to take a stand)
  27. The Baby Geniuses (TriStar abandoned the original trademark but there may be some grey area)
  28. The IRS (like the Postal Service but despicable)
  29. Truth Syrup
  30. Just Hold Still For a Second
  31. Several Floppy Disks

    There are few things cooler than large quantities of an obsolete data format.
  32. Elbow Grease
  33. Occupational Adjustment Bureau (no idea what this means)
  34. Ebb & Go
  35. Vague Entity
  36. Perilous Flight
  37. Cómo Se Dice
  38. Chance Time (I came extremely close to sealing the deal with this Mario Party reference)
  39. Sad Carnival

    Feels every day.
  40. Moral Fiber
  41. Macrofuss
  42. Fun Riot
  43. Hypothetical Jukebox
  44. Suburban Fjord
  45. Glacier Surfing
  46. Cognatic
  47. Continental Slope
  48. Chancewise (might be confused with the rapper)
  49. Herd of Clouds
  50. Interstellar Dweller
  51. Ganymede Station
  52. Bisonfingers
  53. Got Item (Mario Party reference no. 853929765)
  54. Cloud Bank
  55. Paper Atlas
  56. Jugular Evisceration (I’ll never be hardcore enough to do this name justice)
  57. It’s Magic
  58. Balloon Travel

    God, I love balloons.
  59. Astrometry
  60. Coprime
  61. Balloon Season (second favorite candidate out of my many balloon-themed names)
  62. Pneumatic Fantastic
  63. Stewie Magooie’s Bar and Grill (“What’s your band name?”)
  64. Not A Doctor
  65. Shufflecuff
  66. We Like to Have Fun
  67. Word Wizard (can’t believe this isn’t taken yet)
  68. Maritime Pilot
  69. Ticklemonster (comes with creepy overtones depending on regardless of your genre)
  70. I Pose for Stock Photos
  71. Mackerel Surplus
  72. Polyamorous Roboticist
  73. Catch as Catch Can
  74. Jessica Pancake

Some names I’ve excluded from this list include those that include excessive profanity and others I feel are too good to give up to the public yet. As far as I’m concerned, all of these names are up for grabs and I encourage aspiring musicians to use any that strike their fancy on the condition that I be informed of their use so I can show my support.

By the way–before making any decisions, be sure to check the US Patent and Trademark Database to be certain you won’t infringe on any existing trademarks. You don’t want to spend months or years developing a reputation under a certain banner only to receive a cease and desist letter from the trademark owner.

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